Sausage BLOG – 3 – Dulwich Park

Usually we head down to Greenwich Park as its usually got a few dogs running around off-leash. It’s generally one of the nicer parks in London and not terribly far from us.

However, this morning we decided to check out Dulwich Park as this is only 5-10min drive and has free parking!

To our surprise we saw more dogs than we usually do in Greenwich! So Choco got to say hello to a few dogs of various breeds.

We met another little Dacshund named Frank. A little 5 month old Black and Tan one. We had a short run, but we were heading in different directions at the time. Hopefully Choco and Frank will have their run soon!

But the biggest surprise was bumping into Kip!

We actually met Kip a week ago whilst having a family picnic at Dulwich Park and when we met, he was on-leash at the time, so we didn’t get a chance to run properly then; but today Choco had PLENTY of fun!

Until next time Kip!

Sausage BLOG – 1 – Dulwich Park with the Familia

With the weather warming up and having a long easter break, we decided to go and enjoy the sun at Dulwich Park.

Dulwich Park is a relatively dog friendly park, although their rules do state dogs must be on leash throughout. We did break the rules a bit as we did let him off, but Choco didn’t move beyond 4-5 meters from us.

It’s always great seeing Choco run off-leash with other dogs, but seeing as everyone else was abiding by the rules of Dulwich Park, Choco couldn’t run with other doggies.

But still lovely to see him run free whilst playing football with the familia!

With a lot of running around he’s got a belly full of Lily’s Kitchen Sunday Roast and is relaxing on a cushion ready to sleep!


Choco came into my life suddenly in the summer of 2018 where a friend of mind had adopted him for his family.

Not long after Choco moved into his new home, they soon found out their youngest son at 4yrs old was allergic. So it was quite an urgent thing whereby Choco unfortunately needed to leave asap.

My friend looked into putting Choco into boarding at a Doggy Daycare called Richmond Rascals and before that got confirmed, me and my partner discussed looking after Choco temporarily until he was rehomed.

We spent weeks discussing back and forth with various potential owners for Choco and then realised we both fell in love with him and couldn’t let him go.

Being both full-time working professionals it was a difficult decision as we wasn’t sure if we could make it work long-term, but the way life stood at the time it was easily do-able and any obstacles which comes across in the future, we decided we would just have to make it work!

Fast forward to Spring 2019, I am here now writing this post.

I decided to start a blog for not only Choco, but for all things Sausage Dog!

I realised there were many things I wanted to share, discuss and learn with regards to the Dachshund breed. After attending a few Dachshund meet ups I soon realised there was a massive community of Dachshund owners and some of which shared the same questions and concerns we did.

So this blog is also to share Choco’s journey, or Choco’s Modern Life 😉 (go follow on Instagram), as well as educational tips for caring for your Dachshund… or just come visit this site for the cute pics!

I hope you will return regularly and please do leave comments for feedback. 🙂