Life with Two Dachshunds – Becoming

As part of the Sausage Blog, I had intended on doing more regular updates with our experience with Choco in general, but more specifically I wanted and should have done more regular updates at least week-by-week to update you all on life with two Dachshunds.

To those whom have joined us on regular walks, you would know that getting a second Dachshund/Dog was on our minds for months.

We wasn’t fixed on our second dog being a Dachshund, but it was definitely top choice for Choco.

Our motivations for getting a second was for Choco to have more company for when we go on walks, someone to run with, somebody to play with and for those odd occasions when we have to leave him at home, someone to keep him company.

We also got Choco at 8months so we completely bypassed the early stages and missed out on a lot of early experiences with him.

So we wanted a second to have these experiences and for Choco to have a companion.

Our biggest reservation along with the usual questions of “Can we handle it? Can we afford it? Is it too much?” was simply “How can we cope with being on 2nd floor flat with no lift and needing to carry to Dachshunds up and down 4x a day?”.

It was a consideration we have for months going back and forth and then one day we decided to just go for it!

Our criteria was a Chocolate and Tan Miniature Dachshund Smoothed Hair Girl.

We searched the web and choices were very limited. We found 3 that were available.

First one we found was a seller whom purchased their dog and 10 days later realised they couldn’t cope. It was upsetting for us to hear that someone came in not prepared for doggy life, but we at least sought comfort they realised early enough so that there’s potential for her to find a good loving home from early.

We were going to consider her, however we did want to have the experience from the very beginning. As silly as it may sound, we felt that we lost 10days at this point and we wouldn’t have gotten to see their parents etc.

The second breeder we found online was simply incredibly rude! So lets not dive too much into this one. It is such a shame as from the photos and description, their puppies seem like they would have been a great option.

Then going onto the third puppy we found online, everything checked all the boxes we needed.

The third puppy was KC Registered, Chocolate and Tan Smooth Haired Miniature Dachshund, Female and Gorgeous.

We received a warm welcome from the entire family and seeing the beautiful home the puppies were clearly bred with love.

However after meeting this little puppy, for some reason we were not overwhelmed with love. As cheesy as it sounds, we didn’t feel a bond. As before she checked all the right boxes, but we didn’t feel like we had to take her home.

So we went to discuss further over coffee.

Whilst sitting in the local Costa Coffee, we were pretty close to a decision where we got a message from a fellow Dachshund friend notifying us that their breeder had a litter and has two black and tan girls ready to go immediately.

This took us by surprise and it felt like fate as she did not know we were actively looking, she just knew we were considering a second. Not only that, we were sitting in Costa Coffee in Harlow and her breeder is in Essex.

We decided to at least view. The puppies were not the colour we wanted, but we felt we at least had to view before making any commitments.

Upon arrival, we were presented with a very difficult choice. We saw two beautiful Black and Tan Dachshunds.

We felt the one on the left was an absolute stunner and visually a perfect example for a Black and Tan Miniature Dachshund, but the one on the right was just extremely unique for her size and colouring. We could not decide.

We literally were with the breeder for almost 2hrs deciding before we came to the decision, we will take the one on the right!

We chose her for a few reasons.

Mostly due to her temperament. Throughout the time there discussing and viewing, the one on the left was constantly barking where the one on the right remained calm and unphased by her sisters bark.

This was important to us as Choco barks a lot and we didn’t want them setting each other off.

We also felt that the one on the right is just very unique and special, mostly due to her very petite size and we just couldn’t resist.

So the one on the right eventually became our little Cookie!

We ran an instagram account for Choco,, and we was not sure if we wanted to continue posting them as separate dogs or together. But we decided they would not be without each other so they then became .

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